What is Cystitis?

You are not alone if you have cystitis, the medical term for an inflammation of the bladder.
At one time or another almost every woman will suffer from its symptoms which include:
a burning sensation while passing urine;
painful irritation and stinging,
and a frequent and urgent need to pee.
Almost one in five women will suffer from repeat attacks or recurrent cystitis. 1

How Can Cystoplus® Help?

Mild cases of cystitis usually take four to nine days to clear up on their own, while moderate to severe cases require a longer period of time and usually require treatment with antibiotics. Cystoplus® is an over the counter non-prescription treatment which helps ease the pain associated with cystitis by reducing urine acidity. 1
Cystoplus® is not a treatment for cystitis. However, it can help relieve its symptoms.

Where Can I Buy Cystoplus® ?

Click here to see a list of pharmacies in your area where you can purchase Cystoplus®. If Custoplus® is presently not available at your nearest pharmacy, ask your pharmacist to order it for you.

Cystoplus® Experiences

We’re pleased that many of our customers have found soothing success with Cystoplus®. Here are some of the stories that women wanted to share with each other about how Cystoplus® helped them.

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