Sodium citrate
Demonstrated to provide significant cystitis symptom relief (6†)

In bacteriuric patients, sodium citrate also demonstrated significant relief of urgency and frequency symptoms (p=0.01) 6†

The only non-prescription option specifically indicated for the symptomatic relief of the burning pain and stinging of cystitis in adult women (5).

Cystoplus® – Sodium citrate powder

  • Sodium citrate is an alkalizing agent which decreases the acidity of the urine (raises the pH). It helps reduce the burning pain and stinging associated with cystitis. 2

Cystoplus® – A convenient OTC option for patients

  • Offers a convenient 2-day dosage: patients only need to dissolve 1 sachet into a glass of water 3 times daily. 2
  • And is available without a prescription


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